Wednesday, October 22, 2014

James the Just Book Review

Written by Dr. David Friedman (Jewish Rabbi, scholar, former Academic Dean and Professor of Jewish Studies at King of Kings College in Jerusalem, Israel; currently lectures internationally on biblical topics), This commentary is not verse-by-verse but one that points out lots of details that most non-Jewish commentaries miss. The intended readership is Jews, but gentiles are welcome to read to gain more background on the book of James. I do not believe I would recommend this book to the laymen due to the technical nature and at only 100 pages this was intended to be a introduction, as far deeper Jewish commentaries on bigger books of the Bible no doubt would overwhelm most laymen without a background in the languages and textual criticism. I have learned some things while reading this commentary and one is the Hebrew name of James as Ya'akov, and another is that the book of James is the proverbs of the New Testament. Reading through the book I have seen various connections between the book of James and the Old Testament that I previously missed and I thank the author of this commentary for pointing them out. But then again most of my reading is in the area of Bible Prophecy, Evangelism & Apologetics, and theology. I do very little reading of commentaries, the original languages, and other books in the textual criticism field of study, so I am quite ignorant on these issues. Lord willing I will re-read parts of this book that I did not understand. 

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